Kam KWM11PRO Dual UHF Fixed Channel Wireless Microphone System


Kam KWM11PRO Dual Wireless Microphone System is ultra-durable and very reliable, making it ideal for vocal performance.

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• UHF Twin Fixed-Channel Receiver operates on two of the following frequencies: 863.00, 863.50, 864.00, 865.00 MHz
• LCD display with channels and frequency information
• AF & RF LED channel indicators
• Microphone volume controls
• 2 x Antenna
• Balanced audio outputs and mix output socket
• Mains driven – PSU included

• 2 x Wireless Microphones
• LCD display showing frequency and channel
• On/Off switch
• 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries per microphone (batteries included)
• Working distance up to 50m


• Carry Case